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Towards Prosperous Business Ownership

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Combine your experience with wisdom for success

Be a skilled business owner

Our mission is to help any individual over 40, start and run a successful first business. And to help existing business owners increase their business ownership skills.

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Well researched, expert advice

With over ten thousand business owners surveyed as to what keeps them awake at night, we've developed a series of programs that help you overcome challenges and barriers to success by improving your competence.

Self Paced, Practical

All our programs are about competence and confidence, not getting a score! Complete the exercises at your own pace, with our assistance and guidance. And experience how important it is to do practical exercises to learn the tools you'll need as a business owner.


Courses available right now!

Mini Business Ownership Program

A short introduction to what it takes to be a successful business owner

Basics of Business Ownership

Get a kickstart to planning your new business (course cost is USD, approx $995 AUD)

Mini Course in Marketing Strategy

A free introductory course in marketing strategy